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Support Your Community: Donate to the 2018 Annual Campaign

Woodside Fire Protection District

Dear Friends of the Fire District,

Year after year, you continue to amaze and inspire us with your support. In 2017, you and your fellow residents in Portola Valley, Woodside, Emerald Hills, Ladera, Los Trancos, Skyline, and Vista Verde collectively contributed more than $200,000 toward safety preparedness for us all. Thank you! We hope we can once again count on your generosity with a contribution to the Woodside - Portola Valley Fire Protection Foundation for this year’s annual campaign.

Funds raised through last year’s campaign supported the purchase of a special lift that enables first responders to safely and swiftly move injured and sick community members up into the ambulance for treatment and transport to the hospital. The lift provides more gentle support for people when they feel especially vulnerable and protects first responders.

Funds contributed to our annual campaign enable Woodside Fire to replace and secure safety equipment for the care and protection of community members as well as homes, businesses, animals, and surrounding forests and open space.

As scary and devastating as it can be when emergency situations arise, it’s reassuring to know that we are all part of a community that takes care of one another. When you help your Fire District, your Fire District is readier to help you. It’s that simple.

Please take a moment today to continue the circle of support by donating here

With sincere thanks,

Board of Directors
Woodside-Portola Valley Fire Protection Foundation

Your Contribution Directly Helps Supplement the Fire District Budget

Fire prevention that targets our district’s specific needs. Your donation helps support the annual Chipper Program and related Firewise programs that target wildland fire prevention in addition to residential and commercial fire safety.

Fire and Life Safety Education and emergency response training by WFPD staff for all residents. Your donation helps fund the purchase of up-to-date instructional materials and training equipment for CPR/ First Aid classes, school safety education programs, and the district’s citizens’ emergency response training (CERT) program.

The most advanced and efficient form of all-risk emergency response. Your donation helps fund up-to-date equipment for more than 5,500 incidents a year, including medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, fires, hazardous conditions, severe weather, and others.

Planning to renovate and rebuild aging fire stations. Your donation today will help fund the ongoing planning and design effort for state-of-the-art facilities that will meet the needs of our community in the decades ahead.

Recent Impact of Your Contributions

Ambulance Lift The purchase of a Stryker Power-Load gurney and lift for Woodside Fire’s Medic 107 will drastically reduce the amount of heavy and potentially dangerous patient lifts for your hard-working paramedics. The gurney lift helps to minimize patient lifting, decreasing injuries and promoting the long-term health and safety of your firefighters. The lift and its associated inambulance mount also provide additional protection for both paramedic and patient passengers in the rear of the ambulance during transport.

FAC Program Expansion of the fire district’s Fire Adapted Community program continues to help residents of the district improve their family’s safety and their home’s chances of survival during a wildfire. FAC offers information and specific actions you can take to protect homes built in the “wildland-urban interface” fire zone, the area where your residential development is next to or surrounded by forest and open space.

Chipper Program The chipper program continues its important work of reducing the excess fuel loads of your fire district neighborhoods ensuring that your communities are prepared for potential wildfires before they come.

Preparatory Work for New Station Upgrade Program You have supported research into the valuation of the district's offices and stations with a view to developing a 100-year plan for infrastructure.

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Woodside Fire Protection District

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Woodside Fire District operates three fire stations, and serves a population of 25,000 in the communities of Woodside, Portola Valley, Emerald Hills, Ladera, Los Trancos, Skyline, and Vista Verde in San Mateo County, California.  www.WoodsideFire.org

Our Mission

To augment the Woodside Fire Protection District (WFPD) budget for up-to-date equipment, facilities, fire prevention and training. The Fire Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, will enable WFPD to provide the most advanced and efficient form of all-risk emergency response services.

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